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Search, evaluation and selection of employees in Lithuania

Dear Manager,

We are pleased to co-operate with you and would like to introduce ourselves.

JSC “Akrisida” is a Company of managing of human resources and its main activity is to co-operate with companies in searching, evaluation and selection of potential employees. JSC “Akrisida” renders professional consultation services and performs research on Company’s climate and employees’ competence, forms and implements employees’ training (qualification improvement) programmes and objectives as well.

The working team of JSC “Akrisida” is formed from competitive and enthusiastic specialists, having appropriate education and experience in working with people as well as competence in implementing various personnel projects. Our Company co-operates with Universities, Colleges and Klaipėda Science and Technologies Park.

From 2006 year we opened training department Manager.LT Academy , where we help improve employee qualifications, organize teambuilding activities.

The main types of activity of JSC “Akrisida” are as follows:

  • search, evaluation and selection of employees
  • evaluation of Company’s candidates/employees to appropriate positions
  • publication of available work places in Internet
  • potential employees’ data base in Internet
  • research of Company’s climate (work atmosphere), etc.
  • evaluation of competence of Company’s employees
  • seminars of improvement of team work skills
  • seminars of improvement of sale skills
  • organization of other kind of personnel qualification improvement seminars and courses

Project Manager of JSC “Akrisida” every time discusses the types of searching and selection of potential employees, evaluation criteria and competencies of candidates with the Employer as well as gives consultations during the process, starting with search of employee and finishing with employment of the selected candidate till expiration of the probation period. The potential employees are evaluated with the help of reliable and in Lithuania adapted psychological tests with the help of which it is possible to evaluate personal qualities, level of intellect, motivation, behaviour in conflict situations and other features of the candidate.

If you are looking for employees, we kindly offer you to visit our data base of employees to the Internet address You can register yourself here and in such way quickly and easily find appropriate candidates in accordance with your criteria. In this page you can also place information about available position in your Company. Currently in Manager.LT website are registered more than 30 000 potential employees. During the month approximately 35 000 unique visitors visit our webpage.

You can place your advertisement in . Here you can also put your Company’s advertisement with reference to your Internet page and in such way form you Company’s image as an attractive employer.

In the case you need more detailed information or have any questions do not hesitate to call or write us. We are ready to help you to solve all the problems regarding personnel management.

We hope that the services of JSC “Akrisida” will be useful to your business.

Manager.LT (JSC „Akrisida“)
Search, evaluation and selection of employees.

  • Phone: + 370-615-31080
  • E-mail: info[eta]
  • WEB:

Manager.LT Akademija (JSC „Akrisida“)
Personnel training and team building solutions